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Ultimate Pack

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Ultimate Pack





SkyZone Entertainment. Inc. さん


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Palm OS デバイス カラー対応

 11のベストセラーゲーム&1 AWESOME契約のエンターテイメントプログラム - 通常の価格を40%オフ!クロスワード、ワード検索、ポケットジョーク、トリビアキング、迷宮、ポケットの詩、ビンゴなどが含まれています!退屈されることはありません!あなたには、このパックで十分楽しい、ゲーム、興奮、チャレンジとロマンスがある、あなたの家族や友人が楽しめます。長い間!

  1.Crossword - Now you don't need a pen, pencil, or paper to enjoy the age-old entertainment of crossword puzzles!
  2.Word Search - The classic word search game. Find and connect the words hidden in the puzzle!
  3.Eliminator - Eliminator may be the most challenging, fun, and addictive game ever! You'll need to work fast to stay ahead of the clock and keep the points coming. Find the words fast enough, and you'll qualify for time and point bonuses. No matter what happens, don't stop or you will be eliminated!
  4.Labyrinth - Have fun and use all your smarts to find your way out of JSmart's mind-bending mazes! Create your own randomly generated mazes, at various difficulty levels. Each time you play you get a new maze!
  5.Memory Master - The classic game of Simon Says. Simply repeat Simon's moves by pressing the same exact sequence. Each round becomes progressively more difficult, pushing your memory to the max. One wrong move and you're out. See if you've got what it takes to go the distance with Simon!
  6.Peg Jump - The classic peg jump/solitaire game - a true intellectual challenge! The goal is to remove pegs from the board by jumping over each peg with another peg. You win the game by removing all the pegs except one. Several board types and difficulty levels included.
  7.Trivia King - Find out if you're the Court Fool or the Trivia King. Trivia King is actually 2 great trivia games in 1. It will challenge the best of them across all categories and skill levels. There's no better way to prepare for a game show or make it through another boring meeting or commute! See if you've got what it takes to be the Trivia King!
  8.Bingo - Bingo is a massively multiplayer, massively fun, and extremely fast paced version of the classic game of bingo. Single-player and multiplayer options available.
  9.Pocket Jokes - 365 of the funniest jokes to put a smile on your face every day of the year! Includes TONS of great jokes from every category.
  10.Pocket Quotes - Centuries of wisdom at your fingertips! You'll enjoy 365 of the best quotations of all time. You'll never struggle to find something smart to say!
  11.Pocket Poems - Enjoy some of the best poems ever written. Take a break, and be inspired or even a little romantic!

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