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P-Jongg (PalmJongg)

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P-Jongg (PalmJongg)





Tan Kok Mun さん


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Palm OS 3.5 以降


  v5.5.2 Support 5-Way navigation.
  v5.5.1 fixes display problem on color Handspring Prism and Treo device. Other than this, it is the same as v5.5.
  Support hi-resolution display on PalmOS 5.x device.
  Support Sony Clie with Soft Silk area. User can minimize the graffiti area to gain more display space.
  Customizable color/shade status text and status text background.
  Tile-set using the in-built PalmOS font set can now be set to either “Thin” or “Bold”. This is to address the annoyance of the font changing from standard to bold.
  User can select how tile highlight is done. There are three options: Mark, 2-Blinks and 3-Blinks.
  The Jog and Hard-key can be set to perform different functions. Default for hard-key is DISABLED and Jog is SELECTABLE.
  Support graphics background for Gray-16 and Color display. 3 in-built graphic backgrounds are provided. Additional background can be loaded by installing background database.
  On color device, the tile can be rendered based on tile-base graphic. This is to provide greater realism of the tile looks. 2 in-built graphic tile-bases are provided. Additional tile-base can be loaded by installing tile-base database.
  Note: Tile-Base graphics is only for Color device.
  New methods of tile-expansion, “GRADUAL”. Gradual expansion tries to reduce the big shift of the tile position and size. The old “AUTO” method is now called “MAXIMUM”. In the “MAXIMUM” mode it will always use the available display space to display the largest tile size possible and positions the remaining tiles in the center of the display.

  The new “AUTO” setting is different from the previous release. In the new “AUTO” setting, “MAXIMUM” mode will be used initially until a reasonable tile size has been reached where it will then switch to “GRADUAL” mode.
  Only the visible part of the selected tile is shaded.
  Tweaked tile size dimension, to reduce longish look.

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