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 ・Retirement calculator:
Calculate and analyze complicated retirement / pension plan parameters like installment, mortal balance, required rate of return, etc. and present the abstract idea by graphs and tables.

 ・PV/FV calculator:
The generic present / future value calculator that can resolve almost all questions in financial planning.

 ・Saving calculator:
This helps financial planners to design saving plans of various type.

 ・Loan calculator:
This helps financial planners to advise clients on debt financing or restructuring.

 ・The calculators act as solver-like templates, which allow user to choose which parameter to be solved by other input variables. This offers user great flexibility in investment advisory and wealth management.

 ・Provides table and graph functions, which can display clearly and graphically the trend or projection of various plans. This significantly improves the efficiency in explaining the advised plan and the underlying financial implications to clients.

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