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Home Improvement

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Home Improvement





Rustlers Creek さん


T-Mobile Downloads - Get More from Your Handheld


Palm OS 3.2 以降


 家の周りの仕事のこととなると、皆さんは自分で片付けてしまいます。もっと、 PDAに仕事をさせてください。


 Home Improvementとあなたのパームは、あなたが容易にコンパイルしてPDAを使うことができることで、必要な項目だけを選択しながら、すばやくアクセスできるようになります。 これによって、作られたリストがなければ、あなたは必要である項目を忘れてしまいます。

 あなた自身の好みに適合するように、大きい項目リストをカスタムしてください。 多くの特徴はユーザにはカスタマイズ任せていることです。


   Filtered list to allow you to segment the items by categories
   Favorites list is appended whenever you order an item 
   Favorites list displays the last purchased date of an item 
   Favorites list allows you to sort by date to see items not ordered recently 
   Easily remove items from list as they are selected
   Attach saved Notes to items to expand the descriptions or identify sizes
   On device Help screen to ensure full utilization of program 
   Metric/US measurement conversion chart included
   Add or Delete items from the database
   Concise presentation of data 
   Sorting of list by either Description or Category or Aisle
   Self extracting installation 
   Saves memory with small program
   Warning messages protects user
   Beam list to another PDA that contains the program using a single tap of a button 
   Integrated Beam It program that performs beaming of any file 
   Input prices for items in your Favorites list  
   View totals based upon your Shopping List 
   Sales Tax Rate is customizable by user 
   Sales tax is accumulated separately in your totals bill 
   Aisle number identification is easily done by selection for items in your Favorites List 
   Filter feature by aisle number to view just items ordered located on the aisle you are shopping 
   Save Shopping List even after items are marked as in the Cart to allow comparison against the bill 
   Improved Color support for Palm 3.5+ PDA's 
   Free upgrades for registered users 
   Export list to your Memo Pad for printing from Palm Desk Top software
   Beam list to Memo Pad on another PDA and let them shop
   Customize Color elements for Palm 3.5+ PDA's 
   Customize Font size/appearance
   Menu's added to aid navigation 

See Product Description, Palm III, Palm VII, Palm IIIe, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIxe, Handspring Visor, Handspring Visor Deluxe, Sanyo PL2700, Symbol SPT 1740, Kyocera QCP 6035, Palm VIIx, Palm m500, Palm m505, HandEra 330, Sony CLIE S320, Sony CLIE N760C, Sony CLIE T415, Samsung SPH-i300, IBM Workpad c500, Palm m515, Palm m130, Palm Zire, Palm Tungsten T, Samsung SPH-i330, Palm Tungsten C, Palm Zire 71, Palm Tungsten W, Palm Tungsten T2, Palm Tungsten T3, Palm Tungsten E, Palm Zire 21, Palm V, See Product Description