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HanDBase for PalmOS / Macintosh

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HanDBase for PalmOS / Macintosh





DDH Software さん


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Palm OS 4.0以降
Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5
Palm Desktop と HotSync Manager が 3.0 以降

基本はHanDBase Professional Editionですが、Mac用に変更されてるようです。


  External Memory - Store your Databases on a memory card on devices running Palm OS v4.0 or higher.
  Quick Search Feature - Specify a field that is quickly searched just by writing the first few letters in the list view.
  Filters - supports 6 different criteria. Version 4.0 supports floating date filters for date fields (eg, this week, tomorrow,etc)
  Cross-platform Compatibility - HanDBase databases will work without any changes on the Palm OS, Pocket PC/Windows Mobile, Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile Smartphone versions of HanDBase. A BlackBerry client is also available.
  Sorting - sort on up to three fields

  Screen Resolution - Support for the latest high-resolution screens, 320 x 480, even in custom designed forms
  Navigation - 5-Way Navigation support with one-handed navigation support for Treo 600 and 650 smartphones
  Views feature- enables users to create a set of preset filtering, sorting, and field settings criteria.

  Encryption- your databases are more secure than ever with HanDBase 4.0's 128 bit encryption
  Access Permissions- Require a password for various operations in the database (eg, open, edit records, etc)
  Version 4.0 optionally caches your password on decrypt, so it's automatically entered and reencrypted when you close the database.

  Alarm Feature- offers users the flexibility to set reminders from within HanDBase, plus the added benefit to add a DateBook entry.
  Field Limit- Up to 100 fields.
  5 way navigator Support- operate much of HanDBase using one hand

HanDBase Desktop for Macintoshの特徴
  HanDBase Viewsのサポート。

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