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Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia

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Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia





Mobifusion Inc. さん


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PalmOS 3.5 以降


 Town Compass(R) を提供します。Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia は、新しい百科事典のハンドヘルド版です。

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A (1,942 entries), from Aachen to Azusa
B (2,281 entries), from Baade, Walter to Byzantium
C (2,729 entries), from Caaba to Czolgosz, Leon
D (1,093 entries), from Dacca to Dzungaria
E (834 entries), from Eadmund to Ezra
F (1,026 entries), from Faberge, Peter Carl to Fyt, Jan
G (1,220 entries), from gabbro to gyroscope
H (1,267 entries), from Haakon to hysteria
I (541 entries), from Iamblichus to Iztaccihuatl
J (473 entries), from Jabalpur to Juventud, Isla de la
K (683 entries), from K2 to Kyzylkum Desert
L (1,147 entries), from Labadie, Jean de to Lytton, Victor Alexander
M (1,864 entries), from Ma, Yo-Yo to Mzuzu
N (753 entries), from Nabataeans to Nzwani
O (458 entries), from Oahu to ozone layer
P (1,645 entries), from Paasikivi, Juho Kusti to python
Q (98 entries), from Qaanaaq to quo warranto
R (949 entries), from Ra to Rzeszow
S (2,396 entries), from Saadia Ben Joseph to Szymborska, Wislawa
T (1,152 entries), from Tabernacle to Tz'u Hsi
U (218 entries), from U2 to Uznam
V (427 entries), from Vaal to Vyshinsky, Andrey Yanuaryevich
W (826 entries), from Waals, Johannes Diderik van der to Wythe, George
X (27 entries), from Xanthippe to XYZ Affair
Y (136 entries), from Yablonovy Range to Yurok
Z (131 entries), from Zaanstad to Zyzomys


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