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Palm OS 3.5 以降

 あなたの経費報告書のすべての完全な管理を維持するための費用マネージャーです。ソフトに従うことにより迅速なあなたのお金を正確に読み取り簡単に報告書を作成します。デスクトップで、印刷することも可能です。Palm OS装置のための最も容易な費用管理です。


 Create and manage an unlimited number of expense reports
 Built-in calculator for quick calculations without leaving the program
 Built-in mileage calculator for quick standard mileage amount calculations
 Built-in currency conversion calculator with unlimited ability to add and modify exchange rates.
 Built-in "Best Buy" calculator for comparing prices or calculating per-unit cost.
 Tips icon on practically every screen brings up context-based tips and instructions.
 Expense tracking by Expense Type
 Quick Entry screen for people on the move
 Easy to view running total of selected expense report from Main Menu screen
 Automatic data backup at each hotsync.
 User initiated data backups for permanent storage.
 Password protection for your added security
 Support for monochrome and color devices
 User-selectable color scheme
 Priced for the value minded individual
 Free technical support

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