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CallRec 6.0

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CallRec 6.0





Qmobilsoft さん


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Treo 650/680/700p/755p 又は Palm Centro SD cardが必要。

"Phone call and voice memo recorder"

 CallRecはTreoとPalm Centroスマートフォンのための最高の音声録音アプリケーションです。この簡単に使用できるアプリケーションは、単にTreoのサイドキーを押すことで簡単にあなたの電話の会話や音声メモを録音することができます。または、あなたは自動的にすべてのあなたの電話の通話を記録するオプションを設定することができます。

  Adjustable one button recording. Chose to start/stop recording by single on double press on the side button, or use the combination of side button and shift or option key. Also you can start recording from application
  Adjustable recording sample rate. Chose recording sample rate and make optimal balance between sound quality and file size.
  File compression.
  Direct saving to the SD card. Don't worry about free space on the main memory, CallRec save files directly to the SD card.
  Playback recorded files. Play, stop, pause and fast forward recorded files on easy and intuitive way.
  Organize files into categories.
  Select and delete multiple files at once, or delete foles older than x days.
  Completely support 5-way navigation buttons. Any operation can be made by 5-way navigation buttons.
  Sort recordings by file name, duration or recording time.
  Share your recording with others by IR port, Bluetooth or e-mail.
  Automatically record all your incoming and/or outgoing calls.
  Transfer your recordings to PC with CallRec Conduit.
  Categories. Organize your recordings into categories on the SD card.
  Auto repeat playback. Repeat one/all recordings playback.
  Password protected application startup.Set the password to prevent unauthorized access to your recordings.
  File encryption.Encrypted files are playable only on device where recorded and only with CallRec.

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